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Robust industrial polypropylene racks of different models and sizes to wash, store and transport all glassware. Made with high-quality, food contact safe polypropylene, the best raw material for a product that is both light and strong, hygienic, and resistant to impacts, aggressive chemicals and temperature surges (even up to 95°C): all typical of a professional kitchens intense washing cycles. Utilizing different compartments and interlocking extenders allow safe and efficient washing of glasses and dishes of all sizes. Extenders can be inserted into the rack bases to reach any desired height: an interlocking system that is simple, yet extremely compact and resistant once enabled.

  • Bases and Extenders available in: 9,16,20,25,36, and 49 compartments
  • Stacks with Carlisle Racks
  • Easy interlocking system
  • Create any size glass rack with base and extender combinations
  • Made with high-quality, food-safe polypropylene